Submitting Listing
Anyone that is a registered domain name owner, or that is a legally authorized representative of  the current domain name registration holder, may submit listings to the Domain Name Auction.  There is no log-in required to view or submit listings making the Domain Name Auction easy to navigate and use.  You are not infringing on any of your ownership rights or control by listing in the Domain Name Auction and no fee is required for the Listing Service.  If you desire help with listing, selling, transferring or escrow services, email View other listings before you write your listing to get ideas on what to include.  The main "Subject" line should be the domain name only in ALL capital letters.  Auctions are "Call" at the discretion of the domain name registration owner.  Auction deadlines may be set as desired.  Keywords are crucial in helping Auction visitors and participants find your listing.  You have an entire web page for your listing so add as many keywords as are applicable and appropriate to make your listing easy to find in the searchable index.  Detailed submission guidelines and examples are available.  A valid email address is required to participate in the Auction.

Submitting Bids, Offers, Questions and Information
Anyone that is an interested party in domain name registration ownership, on a personal or business level, may submit an offer to purchase, bid or other information to the Auction.  All bids and replies of any kind should be submitted through the BID/REPLY option from any main auction listing.  Which means you must be viewing a listing page to submit.  Do not use the Auction Submit Form from the main navigation bars as that will create a top level listing which is only permitted for actual domain name listings. A valid email address is required to participate in the Auction.  Need help?  Email

Selling a Domain
The purpose of the Domain Name Auction Sales Listing Service is to bring together Sellers and Buyers.  You retain total control of the negotiations, closings and final sale.  You may conduct communications in the Auction forum or in private.  If you need assistance with the transfer or sales process, email

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