Sample Domain Name Appraisal
Actual Copy of Appraisal on File at ECHO(arts)

Commercial Dev. Potential:   39/50
Recognition: 39/50
Length: 38/50
Extension Value: 50/50
Current Market Value:   $24,400.00
Potential Market Value: $69,100.00

Appraisal Notes:
A strong financial name.

ECHO(arts) appraises domain names on Commercial Development Potential, Name Recognition, Length and Extension Value. Each category is evaluated out of a total possible 50 points.  The results of that formula are then compared to recent market conditions for domain names.
From this is derived the CURRENT MARKET VALUE (CMV) and the POTENTIAL MARKET VALUE (PMV) of your domain name.  The CMV is the amount which would be considered fair if neither buyer nor seller are unduly motivated.
The PMV is what you may expect if your name were to meet up with ideal market conditions.  All values stated are in US dollars.
These values do NOT guarantee that your domain name will automatically fetch either your CMV or your PMV, however they are good indicators at what you should expect when selling your domain name at either point in time.

ECHO(arts) makes no guarantee as to the final selling price for your domain which may be higher or lower than the above values.